S/P are official supporters of The Plastic Project

S/P are official supporters of The Plastic Project

The Plastic Project is an inspirational and much-needed movement started by one of the most revered UK-based surf photographers, Tim Nunn.

Tim's mission is to unite the outdoor sports world with a view to us leading the charge in educating people around the world on the impact which rubbish, and plastic in particular, is having on this beautiful planet.

It's an area which we have wanted to get involved in for a long time. On our travels over the years when surfing and / or snowboarding, we've seen for ourselves both the quantities of litter and the impact which it is having on our oceans, coastlines and mountain pathways. The contagion onto eco-systems and wildlife is devastating. 

So it is a both a privilege and a responsibility to be involved in such an important movement. And we, as a business, will do all that we can to help.

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