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The What.


Surf Perimeters is a premium surf lifestyle brand connecting city and surf. Work and play. Smart and casual. We are the yin. And the yang.

A nod to like-minds who work hard to play hard, we make inherently versatile, refined and practical products for the surfer who navigates changing environments in their daily lives.

Sharp, contemporary lines that weave saltwater spirit into your wardrobe each day. Whether you are in the office, on the commute or at the coast. We are the duality. The fusion. The spark that kindles the fire inside and connects the style outside.

Because surf culture needs a fresh look. A perspective without perimeters. Where surfers are surfers, wherever they live.

The Why.


Floating out back at any break, you’ll find surfers from every walk of life - we all have a place.

Many of us may not normally mingle. But in the line-up, between the shore and the horizon, we’re united by the passion that led us here. By the yearning that never fades. And the aspiration to carve out more time for more of this.

Out of the water, some of us can have our sense of adventure diluted. Busy lives, constrained time and often urban surroundings leave little room to express our surfer within.

We can feel disconnected from the spirit which lies deep within our soul. The fire never fades. But the realities of stoking it can dissipate as there is no link between inside and out.

Surf Perimeters is paving the way for a united surf culture. One which harnesses the complementary cultures of both city and coast and balances their equilibrium.

The How.


Working with some of the most experienced apparel and accessory designers in the industry, we’ve developed a sartorial, interconnected range that’s sophisticated enough for the city and fresh enough for the shore.

Living and breathing both worlds, we understand how they exist separately but can also fit together. Our range bridges the gap and speaks to both worlds.

Surf style has sat still for too long; it’s time for an outside influence. Fusing the cultures of city and coast, we’re not only breathing new life into the surf scene – we’re also opening it up to everyone who feels an affinity with it.

Click HERE for our brand book.